Image PolicyEdit

1. No pornographic media may be posted for influencing and virus reasons.

2. Post any other images without Pornography.

3. Pictures of yourself must be posted, just make sure to be 12 and up.

4. Virus links may not be posted, sometimes viruses can run to several computers.

5. New Images must be uploaded onto this Wikia.

6. Images are also allowed on the Talk and Discussion page.

Chat PolicyEdit

1. Try your best to not chat Pornographic links.

2. Talk as you please. 3. New topics can be made freely on the Talk and Discussion page.

4. Videos are accepted here as well, though we highly ask of you to put it on the videos page.

Games PolicyEdit

1. No Pornographic games.

2. Add virus free links

3. Code is also accepted for quick use on the site.

4. Anyone may post up game links.

User Page PolicyEdit

1. Add any Image you want.

2. No Pornography

Signature PageEdit

1. This is an autograph page

2. After every comment left, just add your signature.

3. Have Fun!